Please make a reservation the hotel on your own.

Please make a hotel reservation on your own. Accommodation is not included in the conference registration fee. Attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations by contacting hotels directly. General hotel information is listed below.

General Accommodations

Area Facility
Address Stars Website To venue
Around Kaihim-Makuhari Sta. Hotel New Otani Makuhari 2-120-3, Hibino, Mihama-ku ★★★★ 4 min by walk
APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari 2-3 Hibino, Mihama-ku ★★★★ 7 min by walk
Hotel Francs 2-10-2 Hibino, Mihama-ku ★★★★ 5 min by walk
Hotel Green Tower Makuhari 2-10-3 Hibino, Mihama-ku ★★★★ 6 min by walk
HOTEL THE Manhattan 2-10-1 Hibino, Mihama-ku ★★★★ 7 min by walk
Hotel Springs Makuhari 1-11 Hibino, Mihama-ku ★★★ 12 min by walk

Travel information

Keiyo Area

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland, located inside Tokyo Disney Resort®, is symbolized by the 51-meter tall Cinderella Castle. It is made up of seven themed lands, where a range of experiences await you.


There are 460 shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and movie theatres. Areas are divided into zones, such as the fashion zone, theatre zone, amusement zone, and gourmet zone.

Hoki Museum

It is the first art museum in Japan devoted to realistic paintings. Including 32 works by Sosuke Morimoto and about 40 works by contemporary artists, a total of about 160 famous paintings are displayed in the museum.

Chiba Castle

The Chiba City Folk Museum was constructed in 1967 on the former site of Chiba Castle, and is modeled after a traditional Japanese castle.

Chiba Shrine

Chiba Shrine is a shrine located in Chuo Ward, Chiba City.

Keisei Rose Garden

Surrounded by roses, the elegant time spent with your sweetheart here will be incredible. In the garden there is a restaurant that selectively uses natural ingredients and a café, which satisfy both mind and stomach.

Narita, Shisui and Sawara Area

Narita-san Shinshō-ji

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Shisui Premium Outlets

An outlet mall opened in 2013. It’s 15 minutes by car from Narita Airport and offers 120 shops for major brands and other outlets.


This building functions as the center when you take a walk in Sawara. It is located at the center of the historical street (selected as the first “Important Traditional Architecture Conservation Area” in the Kanto district), leaving the look of the town in the Tokugawa, Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods.

Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art

DIC Corporation opened this private art museum in May 1990 on the premises of its Central Research Laboratories in Sakura, Chiba to show the works of art that it has collected together with its affiliates to the public.

Inubosaki Lighthouse

Inubōsaki Lighthouse is a lighthouse on Cape Inubō, in the city of Chōshi, Chiba Prefecture Japan.

National Museum of Japanese History

The history and culture of Japan are studied and displayed in a comprehensive manner in this museum.

Minami-Boso Area

Mother Farm

The firm with a large lot of 2.5 million square meters entertains visitors with a wide variety of pleasures such as interaction with animals, sheep show, and activities such as milking and harvesting of season’s crops.

Kaomogawa Sea World

“Kamogawa Sea World” that commands a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean is characterized by the popular performances of heroic killer whales, dolphins that have a sense of speed, and comical sea lions.

Ichihara Elephant Kingdom

This is the only zoo where you can ride on an elephant. There are eight elephants at present. The level of the show with the eight elephants is high, and it is a must-see.

Country Farm Tokyo German Village

An extensive grass plot and blue sky are an excellent treat to you. In our Country Farm Tokyo German Village, you can have an experience of German rural life.

Ichihara Lakeside Museum

“The Ichihara City Water and Sculpture Hill was opened in November of 1995 as a cultural and tourist center at Lake Takataki, which holds the largest volume of water in Chiba prefecture.

Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu

Biggest in the Greater Tokyo area, with 248 shops, this outlet mall has trendy multi-label stores carrying overseas luxury brands, as well as a food court and plenty of food vendors.