Confirmed Speakers

Plenary Lectures

Professor Peter A. Monson
University of Massachusetts (USA)
Title “Modeling Nonequilibrium Steady States in Mesoporous Membranes”

Professor Freddy Kleitz
University of Vienna (Austria)

Keynote Lectures

Professor Philip Llewellyn
Aix Marseille University (France)
Title “Using calorimetry to follow the phenomenon of “Negative Gas Adsorption” in DUT-49 and related materials”

Professor Joaquín Silvestre-Albero
University of Alicante (Spain)
Title “Structural Flexibility in ZIFs upon gas adsorption”

Professor Isamu Moriguchi
Nagasaki University (Japan)
Title “Energy Storage Electrodes Taking Advantage of Carbon Nanospace”

Professor Makoto Ogawa
Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (Thailand)
Title “Adsorption onto nanospace materials; for environmental application and materials’ design”

Invited Lectures

Professor Matthias Thommes
Friedrich-Alexander University (Germany)

Professor Stefan Kaskel
Dresden University of Technology (Germany)

Professor Yi Liu
Dalian University of Technology (China)
Title “Molecular Sieve Membrane-Based Gas Separation: Preferred Orientation Control and Framework Dimension Manipulation”

Professor Gennady Gor
New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA)
Title “Elastic Properties of Simple Fluids in Mesopores”